Age UK Bromley & Greenwich

Case Study


Age UK Bromley & Greenwich had an outdated IT setup and wanted to benefit from the amazing discounted cloud solutions available to charities. They were interested in moving away from on-site servers and implementing SharePoint Online.

After taking a further look into Age UK Bromley & Greenwich’s current set-up, we found more ways to improve their overall efficiency and the security of their data.

Our selected Project’s Team for the job liaised with the manager at Age UK Bromley and Greenwich to find the dates that best suited them. Our Project Lead for the job, Ollie Bright, also decided a dedicated weekend so that he could migrate them over to SharePoint so that he did not disturb them during business hours.


  • Migrate Company Data from Hosted Servers to SharePoint Online.
  • Export and migrate user profile data from Hosted Servers to User’s OneDrives.
  • Azure AD & register Intune on all existing Laptops/Workstations.
  • Install 3x Azure AD Servers to host AD, Terminal Services, & SQL Server (For Sage200 & Sage50 Payroll).
  • Implement RD Gateway for Terminal server access.
  • Migrate Sage200 from current Hosted Server and install on new Azure AD Server.
  • Install Sage 50 Payroll on Azure AD Server.
  • Datto to Backup SharePoint Only.
  • Cloudberry to backup Sage200/Sage 50 Payroll Data. 



The SharePoint migration and implementation of Office 365 all took place over a pre-specified weekend. All shared data was migrated to individual SharePoint Document Libraries with specific users’ permissions and access.


Azure AD for Age UK Bromley & Greenwich was set up once the migration over to SharePoint Online was complete.


Once all of the software was set up, our Project Manager completed the needed security measures to ensure the safety of their data. This included implementing Datto and Multi-Factor Authentication.


Age UK Bromley & Greenwich couldn’t of been happier with the completed project. Our Projects Team successfully completed the project scope with no fallout whatsoever. 

We will be giving Age UK Bromley & Greenwich our ongoing IT Support, so if they have any issues with their new set-up or generally need IT Support then they can always contact our IT experts on the Support desk whenever needed!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Age UK Bromley & Greenwich and we look forward to supporting them for the foreseeable future.


“Just wanted to say a really big thank you to Sam and Ollie as well as all of you for the support this last week. We had a few curve balls in the office today such as my laptop deciding it had had enough but they both handled everything brilliantly and got everything working, and all whilst upgrading the equipment efficiently. Ollie has also been great at answering my MANY questions over the last two office visits as well as all of you making the issues that have come up disappear pretty quickly which I really appreciate! So refreshing to be able to rely on our IT provider and I am excited to see the outcome of everyone’s hard work. Thank you again!”
Louise Donovan
Age UK Bromley & Greenwich